Distressed Clothing - A trend in the rising

Distressed Clothing - A trend in the rising

Wearing your weekend clothes during the week has never been more acceptable as it is nowadays.
So, if you have a pair of ripped pants and a shirt with holes in it, I say take a chance and go to work with them. After all ‘Everyone who’s anyone is “distressed.”’

Theres nothing new about distressing your clothes, we’ve all heard, at least one time, the story about how our parents use to shred their own clothes and wear them in their golden punk years.

But, what exactly is the distressed look?

Distressed Clothing Look, a stylish look and a trend in the rising

Unlike the true meaning of the word, the distressed look it’s actually when you don’t really care about what you put on as long it’s matching, and that’s what’s everybody is going for these days, that laid back, ripped and dirty chilled look.
Just scroll down on the instagrams of your favourite celebs and you will see what I’m talking about.

If it looks like you’ve had to fight to get your clothes out of the store, then you are on the right path.

Young or middle-aged, the shreds and the dirty sneakers make you cool enough to do your thing while looking like you don’t give a what.

If your next question is “Is this going to last”, I guess the beauty of fashion and trends is that if you’re not quick to purchase the latest trend, it most likely will be over before you get another chance.

Fashionable distressed sneakers and leather bag.

But as stated earlier, trends come and go, you’re parentes also used holes in their shirts and pants that were shredded on the knees, so don’t sweat too much about weather or not it’s going to last.

Artfully ripped clothes and dirty sneakers appear to perform that delicate dance between not trying and trying too hard, and when we can “get away” with it, it works out perfectly.




Written by Joana Canas - Cascais, Portugal.