Jane Birkin - Forever a Fashion Icon

Jane Birkin - Forever a Fashion Icon

If you’re into fashion, surly you must of heard the name Jane Birkin at least once in your life. Even if you don’t know much about her, you probably know that she was that girl who had something to do with Paris and always walked around with cool clothes and a basket as a purse.

Jane Birkins Basket by No Store 

But who is this Jane Birkin that Vogue mentions every once in awhile?

Jane Birkin is an English-French actress, singer, songwriter, and model who was born in London, England. 

In 1961 Birkin met her Yours Truly, Serge Gainsbourg on the set of the french movie Slogan. A few years later, after being living in Paris already, Jane and Serge released a very controversial song called “Je t’aime… moi non plus”, this song was considered a scandal for being so sexual, from then, the two became the emblematic and controversial couple of the 1970’s. 

Jane and Serge by No Store


That was also when she started to be a fashion icon.

There’s not a lot we can say about Birkin’s style, it was simple and feminist. It ws the whole that made us love her so much. It was the messy fringe, the long legs, the cool smile, the basket and the fact that she could pull off pretty much any outfit.

And who can forget some of those iconic clothes of her? Like the long white lace dress, or the basket. 

 Jane Birkin Lace Dress by NoStore

As a matter of fact, the famous Birkin bag by Hermès was inspired by the basket Jane took everywhere.

We can all agree that Jane was definitely doing something right. Even today she can still rock a shirt and some high waist pants.

 Jane Birkin Now by Nostore

There is no doubt in our minds that Jane Birkin has inspired and influenced the fashion as we know today.