Relaxed, but with a little sparkle and shine

Relaxed, but with a little sparkle and shine.

There was a time the sequined look was reserved for amazing shining dresses used only in parties and glamorous events, and left closed and abandoned in the wardrobe for the rest of the time. This time is OVER!!!

Let the glamorous sparkle run free, the applications of sequins in the most casual and comfortable clothing is here to add a little touch of light into the everyday look.


Off course all those amazing events we all love, are still full of celebrities using sequinned dresses and clothing that will make any women stand out as a star in the red carpet, like the shimmering gold sequin skirt Gal Godot presented at the premiere of her film 'Justice League'. And that is great.

However this new trend has a lot more to it.

Relaxed, but with a little sparkle and shine by No Store

Why not use a little sparkle on a comfortable lace sweater, maybe with a floral theme, some stripes or a star. A small detail of shine that will make your look completely different, more vibrant in a stylish modern shining look.

Off course, not everything fits this new urban glamorous look, avoid pieces that fit too tight. Leave those leggings and skin-tight dresses in favor of structured tops, midi silhouettes, and loose-fitting trousers, oversized sweaters and t-shirts.

Don't forget the old rule of less is more still applies, wearing sequins is all about the mix and keeping it simple, one shiny piece can look perfect when worn with a simple T-shirt, casual sneakers, jeans, laid back pants or even a lace wool sweater.



Remember, Girls just want to have some shine.

Written by Ariadne Papadakis - Mykonos, Greece.