Winter is coming, run for your lives... Wait... IT'S FAUX FUR TIME!

Winter is coming, run for your lives... Wait... IT´S FAUX FUR TIME!

No more sandals and bikinis, it might be too cold outside.

It's the end of all good things: those open sandals, the easy breezy neon dresses floating in the summer as I watch the sunset in a balcony over the beach...


Wait, there is hope, it is time for those faux fur coats and jackets I've been pilling on my closet all summer... Those big fluffy warm covers that might just hide a short sexy dress under a world of warm and furry softness.

They keep me all covered up in a fashionable and sexy way, specially my lovely Hooded Faux Fur Coat. I can just put it on over what ever I'm wearing and run out the door for a quick visit to the store or a cappuccino with a girlfriend. While making everyone curious about what i'm might be wearing under it.

Faux Fur Comfy Coat By No Store Running up Cascais Streets

You can also use these wonderful jackets in more demanding social events, if you combine them, for, example with a bright sequinned short dress that stands out from under a fur, you will have a Indoor/ Outdoor combination that will grab everyone's attention and makes you ready and comfortable in all weather scenarios, in a sexy glamorous way.

You can find a lot of different ideas online, has they have been the hip choice of Hollywood figures for the past few years, and especially now that faux fur allows for such different and amazing solutions. With a quick search you will see faux fur designs come in all colours and sizes, from pink to black, long and short, just around the neck to full hooded cover, they are perfect to combine in those high leather boots, or some Mou Boots that fit perfectly in the warm and furry look.

Faux Fur Comfy Coat With Mom Boots by the Sea in Cascais at No Store

Best of luck finding the perfect combination for you. Hope these suggestions help.

Written by Ariadne Papadakis - Mykonos, Greece.