Camila Balbi Wears No Store Clothing In Photo Shooting

Camila Balbi Wears No Store Clothing In Photo Shooting

Camila Balbi is that kind of woman that you need to meet in person to understand her simple but yet magic way of living.

She likes to wear comfortable clothing with a cool design and a modern fashion style, without compromising her casual and laid back look. A beautiful simple shirt, pants with some special and unique details, a different design winter coat, combined with some trendy boots, will be always a good choice for her.

A former international top model, with a great carrier in her background in places like Paris, Milan or New York, today she lives a relaxed day to day life near Cascais, taking advantage of the unique situation of this Portuguese coast secret spot.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, today she likes to increase the quality life of people around her and, at the same time, to pursue her personal balance and happiness.

When she goes out for a special dinner or a night out with friends, she is also capable of wearing a glamorous party dress with extreme feminine high-heeled shoes and still be herself.

You can appreciate in this photo shooting all the natural beauty of this modern woman, dressing some special clothes of the No Store Collection for this season that can make a difference in every woman wardrobe.

Written by Alessia Bonatti - Millano, Italy