Choose Your Handbag Or Purse For The Right Occasion

Choose Your Handbag Or Purse For The Right Occasion

Purses and handbags can have suitable shapes and styles, determined by the time of day, year and activity that they are used for.

Colors and materials can be determined by the time of year when it will be used. In spring/summer open woven fibers, rattan or light fabrics and in fall/winter darker colors and leather or leather-like materials, suedes and dark microfibers.

Here are some advices and ideas for different occasions or situations such as:

At the office

Type: Satchel, tote, hobo, baguette, structured bag, bucket bag, shoulder bag or designer bag. By using a tote, a bigger bag or a briefcase, you can consider taking a smaller bag to be used inside or as a removable insert for quick lunches or other applications.

Materials: Choose quality smooth leathers or fibers that can balance the stylish and formal office outfit. Consider using sophisticated materials in the office, rather than using hobos, buckets or less structured bags that are more suitable for the weekend use.

Colors: Conservative.


Type: Crossbody, oversized satchel, totes, hobo, shoppers, messenger bags, bucket bags, drawstring bags, designer bag, backpack, shoulder bag are a right choice mostly for there size.

Materials: Choose the one that you like the most in casual occasions

Weekend/ Formal

Type: Evening bags, baguettes, handmade looking bags, soft and hard clutches.

Materials: Polished looks for hard clutches. Soft clutches can be covered with fabric blooms or overstated with hand-set beads, pearls and sequins.

All over the place

Type: Satchel, tote and messenger bags

Materials: Neutral, choose the one that you like the most but consider the places you are visiting. Ex.avoid taking leather to the beach,..

Colors: Warm and neutral such as black, white, gray, silver, brown, olive green, and deep reds.

Hope you can use this information to better choose and use your combinations for different occasions and maintain your stylish and elegant look as always at the top e muy hermosa.



Written by Guadalupe Aguirre - Marbella, Spain.

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