Jumpsuits, a Mechanic’s Garment or a Fashionable Women’s Stylish Look.

If you have never used it before it might be a little stressful, a single color piece from feet to neck and definitely bathroom unfriendly.

“And definitely the wrong piece for the short and pregnant, so if this is your case, please read back in a few months”.


Jumpsuits have rebirth in 2017 (late 2016), it's both fashion and politics. Women around the world have been showing off their femininity, mixed with professionalism and attitude.

From Melania Trump’s white jumpsuit at Trumps winning speach, to countless stars like Leslie Jones, Kristen Bell, Demi Lovato, Hailey Baldwin, Nicki Minaj, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Kerr or Jessie James Decker, that parade in Red Carpet events such as the Emmys, ACM Awards and MTV Music Awards in fashionable jumpsuits.

Wonder Woman Jumpsuit by No Store


Jumpsuits are without a doubt a strong statement of femininity and elegance.

Fortunately, they are also ideal for this strange 2017 mid season, that is combining summer and winter weather in the same dinner event, helping to keep the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather changes into. Jumpsuits are a plus addition to your wardrobe as they are becoming a great solution to attend both formal and fashionable events.

There is only one piece that combines the best aspects of dresses and trousers. You can use them as the outfit or as part of one, and benefit from the same stretching effect, making you look a few centimetres taller and a little bit slimmer than you actually are, just like a dress. But like trousers, you can gain the mobility and cool look appropriate for an office environment, or even a more relaxed situation, that requires climbing stools, fences or seating with your legs spread.

But there are some rules for the best use of Jumpsuits, I want you to look great and Jumpsuits can easily make you go from a great look to a fashion disaster.
This single piece of clothing was misused/ abused in the 70’s and 80’s, “or so I’ve been told”, and there have been some bad examples this year with some revival mistakes that I prefer not to mention, (you know what you did this summer…).

Wonder Woman Jumpsuit by No Store

So here are some loose general pointers, that will help you get the best look:

First thing to consider,… functionality issues. They can be extremly bathroom unfriendly, so be sure to pick a Jumpsuit with a front or side open, that will allow you a faster and comfortable use, back opens are a bad idea in full body Jumpsuit, there is no way around it.

As a general guide, if you are short and/or curvy you might want to choose a Jumpsuit with a high waist and culotte legs in a lightweight material, if you are taller or have a slimmer silhouette you can get away with straight and tight leg styles, probably teamed up with heels and cinching it in the waist will help define your shape and add some curves.

One piece, one color, might seem a little overwhelming, but be cool, try adding a some accessories that can break it up, a contrasting belt and/or a light weight jacket will make a nice combination, some great earrings will always be a stylish option. The great thing about jumpsuits, is how one piece of clothing can be turned into a formal feminine garment by adding a simple acessory and/or a blazer.

Layers and layers. Accessories aren’t the only way to enhance the jumpsuit effect, from simple t-shirts, to off-the-shoulder tops or big faux fur coats in colder climates, adding layers will definitely turn a simple jumpsuit into a full set in the appropriate style of every event, assuring you a star position where ever you are.

To sum it up. Jumpsuits might just be the Swiss army knife of clothing. When in doubt, black is always a slimming fashionable choice and if its the right fit for you, a few accessories will make you shine.

Hope you like this article, and that these suggestions help.

Written by Ariadne Papadakis - Mykonos, Greece.