Layering Your Clothes With A Stylish Look

Layering Your Clothes With A Stylish Look

The key to layering can be very simple just try to remember these rules:

Using grey always looks elegant and expensive, match it with a belt to define your waist and roll-up your sleeves to get modern and sophisticated. A short sleeve sweater will also make your look modern.

Grey, khaki and black work well together but remember to add gold to give a enchanting look.

Keep in mind to sometimes mix texture like lace, leather, shearling and denim and you will get great fashion results with all these materials. Make sure not to overdose on leather.

Make use of layer under and over such as a tunic over wide-leg pants and keep accessories simple and chic with cross body bags to add a touch of a cool look.

Faux fur tonal can be used to give you an luxury finish and a laid back style.

With a slimmer heel your legs will look longer and your figure will turn out on a chic and sophisticated woman.

Maybe these little rules can help you choose yours best wardrobe combinations and make you feel even more glamorous y más guapa.



Written by Guadalupe Aguirre - Marbella, Spain.