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Hello ladies, hope you’ve all had great times during this past season with all this celebration days. Wish you all a good year, many new fashion clothes and good ideas to wear them. I also hope to share with you lots of information like I did last year. Happy 2017.

Today, I am going to introduce you to MOU Boots ideal for this cold winter. You definitely want to be different and unique, reason why you need a pair of MOU boots with new and very fashionable design. These boots are designed for comfort and that’s exactly what they do, along with being ethical and eco-friendly during production (look good and feel good boots).

On top of the luxury, these boots are popular amongst the top stars and celebrities, such as Carmeron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson…

The Eskimo is the most popular collection and the good news is they launch the wedge boots for girls who want to look tall and skinny.

I believe that you’ll be fans of these boots. Take a look at the No Store shoes collection and see how many different boots there are for you to choose from.

Besitos y muy bueno 2017


Written by Guadalupe Aguirre - Marbella, Spain.

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