Summer Is Too Hot For My Fringed Leather Boots

I LOVE my fringe Leather Boots, all of them…

I don’t care, what year or trend fringes are from, It’s surely not the first time they are fashionable, trendy, what ever (the fringe trend was huge in the 70’s “so I heard” ;) ). But today, its all about personal style and that balanced movement fringes add to walking are one of may favourite looks.

It doesn’t matter if they are tube, high, ankle, wedge, stiletto or block heels the vibe you get in your look is amazing, provided you keep the rest of the outfit relatively fitter or sleek.

You can fit it with an oversized something on top, a cape or jacket, but keep it to a minimum, after all you want to enhance your legs with some fitted jeans or leggings to show off how well you wear your boots and all those loose fringes.

Its too hot for Leather Boots, but it's a great time for these Fringed Calf Length Sandals.

The Summer Is Too Hot For My Fringed Leather Boots

These amazing Fringe Summer Boots, OK you can also call them Sandals with Indian fringe style, but that calf length leather with fringes that falls loose around your legs over those comfortable and cool sandals are the perfect summer addition to your look.

No need for those jeans or leggings anymore to show your heavy boots. Show off your legs with a mini skirt, a summer light dress or some shorts and feel comfortable by keeping your personal style during those summer hot days.

And if you match it with a fringed jacket you are ready for anything that comes your way.

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Best of luck with your summer look.

Written by Ariadne Papadakis - Mykonos, Greece.